June 2015 MMJ Workshops

Aloha and Mahalo to all the wonderful hula girls that joined me in Osaka and Tokyo for my Hula Workshops!  I hope you enjoyed yourselves!  I enjoyed meeting new friends and seeing familiar faces =-) 
I will be returning back to Japan towards the end of August for two more workshops in Osaka and two more in Tokyo!  Also this trip, I will be performing LIVE in Tokyo!
Please check MMJ website for details on how you can get tickets and join me in a night of fun and Hula!
Sarah Kamalei

April 2015 with MMJ in Osaka and Tokyo!

Aloha friends!

I just returned home to Los Angeles, I had such a great time in Japan this month!
Thank you so much MMJ and Taniguchi san for having me! 
Thank you to all the wonderful hula students that came out to Osaka and Tokyo for my workshops!  I really enjoyed sharing with you all a few of my favorite Hula's.

I will be returning to Japan at the beginning of June!  I can't wait!

Aloha and Mahalo,
Sarah Kamalei

Mahalo to all the hula dancers in Osaka and Tokyo!

Aloha Friends,
I'm so sorry for the late post, I forgot my password for the longest time =)

I just wanted to sat Thank you to Maunaloa MMJ for allowing me to be a part of their family.  I had an amazing time in Osaka and Tokyo! I hope you all enjoyed learning Green Rose Hula and Pua Hone.  These two songs were so fun to teach and I had so much fun dancing with you girls!

I will be back in Osaka and Tokyo in April! =)
Can't wait!

Sarah Kamalei

Mahalo to Everyone that came out to support Ha'aheo!

Aloha Everyone!
Just returned home safely from the Ha'aheo tour!
I had a wonderful time in Yokosuka, Tokorozawa, Nagoya, Osaka and Shinkjuku!
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all your love and support!

It was such a privilege to perform along side some of Hawai'i's most talented musicians.  Thank you to Herb Ohta Jr., Nathan Aweau and Chino Montero for the amazing music that moved me!

Mahalo friends in Japan for your continued support,
I can't wait to return soon!

Sarah Kamalei

Sapporo Snow Festival 2014 here we come!

Aloha Everyone!!!

Tomorrow morning Alex and I leave to Sapporo!  We will be doing our first performance together in Japan.  We are so excited to be coming back and can't wait to see all the snow sculptures and decorations!!!! =)
I have never seen snow fall from the sky, so this is going to be VERY VERY exciting and special!
Also!!!!........ I will be celebrating my 26th birthday this trip on February 6!
I hope it snows for my birthday! =)  WOOOOOHOOO SO EXCITED!

See you soon Sapporo!

Kyushu Hula Festival 2013 in Ureshino

Ohayo Gozaimasu!!! 
This is my first time to Ureshino!  It is beautiful here =)
Looking forward to both performances today!  It is so great to be back in Japan!

I hope to see you all there! =)

Sarah Kamalei

Off To Japan this morning!

Aloha Everyone!

I am very excited to be returning to Japan today!  I am excited to be going back to Fukuoka and to Ureshino for the first time!!! 
I hope to see some familiar faces while i'm there!!
Stay tuned for more post about my upcoming performances!

Aloha! And see you soon Japan!

Sarah Kamalei

Heading Back to Hawai'i! Mahalo Japan!

Aloha Everyone!

I just wanted to Thank everyone who came out to my performances this trip!  I really had a great time at the Cotton Club, Makeup Workshop and the Live Show at Mahana!!
I really appreciate all your love and support!

I will be returning to Japan the beginning of October to Kyushu!!
Stay tuned for more details on upcoming performances!

Aloha for now,
Sarah Kamalei

What a great day in Ebisu!

Thank you everyone who came out to see me at my Makeup Workshop and Live show at Mahana!!  I really enjoyed myself and I hope you all did too!
Thank you to those who got my Hula DVD, I hope you enjoy it!  This was really a great trip to Japan!  I can't wait to return in October =)

Thank you to MMJ, Mahana and all of you!!!
Thank you!
Sarah Kamalei

Mahalo for 2 great nights at the Cotton Club!

Finally had a chance to say Thank you to all of you that joined us at the Cotton Club in Tokyo, Japan!  I really had a wonderful time and enjoyed the atmosphere there.  This is the start of something really great and it was amazing performing next to some of the best Hawaiian musicians.  I hope you all enjoyed the performances! Stay tuned for more updates on Ha'aheo's February Japan Tour 2014!!!  It is going to be AWESOME!!!

Sarah Kamalei

First Day of Ohana Festival!!!

Aloha Everyone!

Tonight is the first night of the Ohana Festival at the Cotton Club in Tokyo, Japan!
I hope that you all got tickets!  We have 2 shows tonight and 2 shows tomorrow!!!

Also, tonight I will be releasing my very first Hula DVD- Love To Hula!!!!!
Yay!!!!!  I cant wait to see you all tonight!

Sarah Kamalei

Good Morning Tokyo!

It is great to be back in Japan!  Very very hot and humid but still beautiful!  Today I am shooting with MMJ for their new Ahuroa line.  Check out my instgram and facebook for some sneek peeks!  Hope you all got your tickets for the Ohana Festival!  I will be launching my first Hula DVD tomorrow at the Cotton Club!! Yay!  See you there!!!!

Sarah Kamalei

Second day of performances at Lake Town!

Good morning Everyone!
Today is another beautiful day in Saitama =)
Yesterday's shows were so much fun, THANK YOU to everyone that came out to see Herb Ohta Jr. and I!  We really appreciate it!
Today, we are performing 2 more shows at 1:30 and 3:30 pm!  Hope to see you there!

Sarah Kamalei

First Day of performances at Aeon Laketown!

Alohhhhhhhaaa =)
Today is our first day of performances!  Yesterday we got to visit Lake town and check out our stage.  I also went shopping =)  It is such a great mall, soooooo OKI! Hope to see you all at our first show at 1:30 pm and again at 3:30 pm :)
Hope you all can make it! =)

Sarah Kamalei

Good morning Saitama!

Good morning Japan!
It is so great to be back!  I am here in beautiful Saitama!  Heading out now for some yummy dounuts!!!!  I love Mister Dounut!  Can't wait =)  Then off to rehearsals before the next few days of performances! Excited!  Hope I get to see some of you at Aeon Lake town! Xoxo

Sarah Kamalei

Leaving to Japan today!

Aloha Everyone! 
I am excited to be coming back to Japan today!  I have never packed so light before, usually my suitcase is over weight!  I hope I have everything!  I am all packed up and heading to the airport!
See you Japan! Aloha Hawaii!

Off to Japan tomorrow!

Aloha All!

I am very excited to be coming back to Japan tomorrow!!!  I can't wait =)
I will be performing with Herb Ohta Jr. at the AEON Lake Town mori Mizu no Hiroba!  We are performing 2 shows on June 8th and 2 shows on June 9th!  I hope you can make it!  Herb and I will be doing a collaboration, which will be the first time!!!!
Alohaaaa!!!!! xoxo
Sarah Kamalei

New Japan dates are up on my calendar!!! =)

Very excited to be coming back to Japan in 2 weeks!!!  I will be coming to Saitama! Performing with the Amazing Herb Ohta Jr for 2 different shows!!
Can't wait! =) Also, new photos are up of my performance with the Today Show!  That was such a great experience and I was so happy to be apart of that show!  Mahalo to Tihati Productions!!!! =)

Mahalo and Aloha!

Off I go back to Hawai'i, Thank you to everyone that came out to support me at my performances!  A special Mahalo to the people of Matsudo, Yokohama, Kobe, Chiba, Osaka and Kyoto for the wonderful memories!!  I had a wonderful time here in Japan and I can't wait to return in June!!

Stay tuned for information about my next trip! =)
Sarah Kamalei

Aloha Kyoto!!

Wow, Yesterday was a very busy day!
I left Shinagawa station and arrived in Osaka in time for my performance last night.  I had so much fun performing at Mauloa Restaurant along side the beautiful voices of KAULANA.  After the performance I was able to visit with those that came.  Thank you to all that attended last night! I appreciate your love and support! xoxo

I arrived in Kyoto late last night and will be heading over to Isetan Department store for my last 2 performances before heading home tonight!

This has been such a wonderful trip and I really enjoyed seeing and meeting new faces!!!
I will be back to Japan though...See you in June! ;)

Sarah Kamalei

Kyo wa Osaka ni iku!

Back to work today =)  Heading to Osaka today and performing with Kaulana at MAULOA restaurant in Osaka!  I am very excited to be performing with live music tonight especially with Japan's own Kaulana!

Hope to see you there!!!
Sarah Kamalei

Shopping Adventures in Japan are Subarashi!

Yesterday, I went shopping at Ginza!  I had soooooo much fun! I shopped for 6 hours straight!  My favorite stores that I love going to every time I come to Japan are; Bic Camera, Loft, Muji, Tokyo Hands, Zara, Uni Qlo and H&M!!! 

Watashi wa son'noni tanoshikatta =)
I found a new store: G U, I really liked that store!! There was a big sale and I got 5 outfits for 2,800 yen!  Subarashi!!!

Today, maybe I will take a break and shop only a little. 
I am going to go to Yamachan tonight for dinner!!!  Very excited =)

Sarah Kamalei

2 Days off =)

Aloha Everyone!

After finishing shows in Matsudo, Keikyu, Kobe and Chiba, I have 2 days off to explore and enjoy Japan! Very Happy!  The next show will be in Osaka on May 8th!

Enjoy your day today!
Sarah Kamalei

Good Morning Chiba!

Aloha Kakahiaka!

Yesterday's show in Kobe was really fun!  It was a long travel from Shin-Yokohama to Kobe though on the Shinkansen. But,  I was able to see Mount. Fuji outside my window, that was really beautiful!  After returning to Shin Yokohama after the performances, I started my travel to Chiba.  After arriving late last night, I had a good night sleep and I am excited to be performing in this beautiful city once again!

Chiba has many surfers and is very close to the ocean! It is sooooo beautiful!  As soon as I opened my window this morning I saw 5 surfer boys going to the beach!  Amazing!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Sarah Kamalei

Kobe Sogo Department Store performance today!


Kyo wa Kobe ni iku =)  I am Performing at 2 stages today in Kobe at the Sogo Department Store!  First show is at 14:00 and second show is at 16:00!   I will also be selling my LOVE 2 HULA TOTE BAGS after the shows!

Hope to see you there!
Sarah Kamalei

Hawaii Polynesican Fair at Keikyu!

Minasan, Kon'nichiwa!!
Today is my performance at Keikyu Department Store in Yokohama! I will be selling my BRAND NEW LOVE 2 HULA TOTE BAGS after the show today!  I hope that I can see you there!!  
Sarah Kamalei

Matsudo Department Store today!

Performing in Matsudo today!  Today is the first day of performances for this trip!  I am so exited to be finally dancing =) 
I just wanted to say to everyone....HAPPY MAY DAY!!  May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii =)

Have a wonderful day everyone!
Sarah Kamalei

Great 2nd day!

Today I got to meet with MMJ in Ebisu!  I am very excited to be working with MMJ this year! Stay tuned for the exciting projects were going to be producing in the next couple of months!  Very very excited! =) 

Great 1st day in Yokohama!

Today was a great day!  I got to visit Mainichi Newspaper company, The Kanagawa Shimbun, Tokyo Shimbun and Sankei Newspaper company.  It was all to promote this weeks Hawaii Polynesian Fair which is going on from May 2-May 7 at Keikyu Department Store.  I will be performing on May 3!  I hope to see you there! =)

Going to sleep early tonight, I think the jetlag has caught up to me =(

Goodnight Everyone!
Sarah Kamalei

Good Morning Yokohama!

Aloha Yokohama! 
Very excited to be here! Had an easy flight over and I am ready to start my day! =)
It's soooooooooooo cold! I don't think I brought enough warm clothes on this trip !

Sarah Kamalei

Packing for Japan!

Aloha Everyone!
I am so excited to be going to Japan tomorrow!  I am almost all packed and ready to go!
I am excited to announce that I will be bringing a new limited edition item with me for this trip!!!

Stay tuned for some pictures and more details on this new luv2hula product!
Cant wait!

Coming back to Japan!

Aloha Everyone!

I will be returning back to Japan on April 29! =)
I am very excited!
Here are the shows listed below...

May 2 Isetan Department Store in Matsudo (Shows at 12:30 and 3:30!)
May 3 Keikyu Department Store in Yokohama ( Show at 2:00!)
May 4 Sogo Department Store in Kobe (Shows at 2:00 and 4:00!)
May 8 Osaka Restaurant Mauloa
May 9 Isetan Department Store in Kyoto

Hope to see you there!!

Sarah Kamalei 

After 5 months and 8 days I am going back home to Hawai'i!

Mahalo Japan for a fabulous 5 months!  I enjoyed living in Ibusuki and already miss it =(  I will be back next month so until then....Aloha Japan =)  Thank you for everything!  Hawaii, here I come!!!!

MMJ live show and talk- Aloha Table in Ebisu!

What an Amazing 2 shows at Aloha Table!  Thank you to everyone that came to support me!  =)  It was my first time dancing my Merrie Monarch numbers since Merrie Monarch and I am so happy to share that with everyone!  Please join me again tomorrow at MMJ in Ebisu for the launch of the Kamalei line by Iolani!!!  Come get your Kamalei dress =)  Yay!

Meeting up with Halau I Ka Wekiu in Fukuoka!!!

I've hit my 2 month mark being here in Ibusuki, having lots of fun here, but I couldn't be happier that My kumz and a few of my hula sisters and brothers are so nearby!  I will be heading there tomorrow to meet up with them and perform in Fukuoka!! Yay!!!  Hope to see you there! =)

Going to Shinagawa!

Aloha friends!
I'm so sorry I haven't kept up with my blog, I guess living in Japan has been so much fun that I haven't had time to write =( 
I leave tomorrow morning to Shinagawa for the Ohana Fest!!! Yay! Can't wait!!! If your near by, PLEASE come by!!!! It will be lots of fun!!!!!!  Nathan Aweau, Natalie Ai and Herb Ohta Jr, and myself will be performing!!!! =)
Sarah Kamalei

Day 3!

It feels like these days are going by really slowly, I can't believe we have only been here for 3 days =(  Only 150 more to go! Were staying in the hotel now till our apartments are ready so free breakfast, lunch and dinner!  Another long day of rehearsals and 2 practice shows tonight with lighting!  Hopefully we have time during our break to try the sand baths!!! Those look amazing!!! =)  Excited!

Day 2 in Ibusuki =)

Day 2 begins and we have a long day of rehearsals, getting ourselves all ready for the show next week!  It is so nice to be back in Japan, I love it!!!!!!  I have already eaten some of my favorite foods and snacks!  Annddddd....I found a Mister Doughnut near by!!!! i am so HAPPYYYYYYYYYYYY =)

I have landed in Ibusuki!!! =)

Just arrived last night in beautiful Ibusuki!  Performing at the Iwasaki Ibusuki Hotel from now till October =)  If your near by please come see our show!!! =)

Graduation from The University of Hawaii

Finally did it! =) Graduated from UH!!! The next chapter in my life will be the preparation and practices for Merrie Monarch 2012! Can't wait =)

Home from a wonderful trip!

What an amazing trip I just returned home from.  This recent Japan trip was like no other, I will never forget the people and smiles I saw and the aloha spirit that took over Japan. 

Going to Japan tomorrow =)

Off to Japan tomorrow, but this time its not just to perform.  Manoa DNA and I plus many other Hawaii and USA delegates are traveling to Japan in hopes to spread the aloha spirit with the victims that were directly affected by the tsunami.  This is going to be an amazing experience and I look forward to tomorrow =)

Another great trip to Japan =)

Just got home from a 10 day trip to Japan!  Thank you to everyone who came to all of our performances! Appreciate all your love and support =) Will be coming back to Japan in 2 weeks and I can't wait !!!!!

My first MMJ Hula Workshop in Ebisu!

I had such an AMAZING time with both classes last night!  Everyone did a fabulous job at learning Ka Nohona Pili Kai/ Nada Sou Sou !  Thank you to every one that came out to Ebisu!  To those that were on the wait list, I hope to be doing another workshop soon!!!! Stay tuned to this site for any new updates!!!

Leaving to Japan tomorrow!!!

So excited to be going back to Japan tomorrow! =)

Packing for JATA

Packing for Japan- Leaving this Friday! Going to Sapporo, Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo =) Very excited to be going back!

Hawaii 5-0 Performance

Just finished performing in Waikiki at Sunset on the Beach for the premier of season 2 Hawaii 5-0 =)  It was so much fun, I am so Star Struck!

Goodwill Tour in Japan is set!

Project Aloha October 24- November 1, 2011 Iwaki and Sendai...very excited to be a part of this.

Hula Workshop in Japan =)

Aloha Everyone!
Check out this site and if your interested in learning Manoa DNA's Kanohona Pili Kai, please sign up! =)